About “ Dian Shin / Design Refreshment”
*Established in 2006 
*50 Designers + 50 Design Concepts             
*To find Oriental modern living value and wisdom from the Chinese civilization as design inspiration  
*One of Highlights of Taiwan Designers’ Week                              
*One of the largest designers communication platform in Taiwan
Dian / Shin Design Refreshment aims at design, explores issues related to the local life and culture. After many years of development, the exhibition gradually moves towards promoting the cultural awareness and creation of life aesthetic in the city and the countryside. In the meantime, the true spirit of the designers’ involvement converts consciously from presenting personal designing idea to original experimental field with brand awareness. 
Every year 50 working designers, who are enthusiastic and agree with such idea, from various industries, will be invited to take up a profound exploration with respect to the proposed theme and accomplish a creation together. It is a way to explore the accumulated living value and wisdom in our culture and allow the designers to develop awareness of his or her own cultural identity. And, in today’s situation of global competition, it will help to gradually build the contemporary cultural context of Taiwan’s design.   
The result of creations will be displayed appropriately in a tour, respectively in the major city in the south, middle and north of Taiwan, to create dialogues with the public.  

The intention of our exhibition 

Local culture reflects aesthetic lifeIt is to insert creative element of new era in the traditional culture. Through this exhibition to create people’s new perspectives on local culture, and profoundly experience the essence of aesthetics from the creative works.  
Developing mutual relations between industries by linking local culture and technology, cultural and economical development of urban and rural areas will be promoted through design. 
Assembling new talent designers building contact platform between designers, and deepen the depth of creative thinking and brainstorming. 
Building Taiwan’s design style exploring further the living value and wisdom contained in the Chinese civilization to develop awareness of Taiwanese designers’ own cultural identity and develop the collective activity of Taiwanese design style.

Dian Shin / Design Refreshment: the story 
Dian Shin / Design Refreshment 2007 - The ideal 50 Benches
That the “Bench” has been part of the Chinese way of life for thousand years, designers fit traditional bench into modern life style.

Dian Shin / Design Refreshment 2008 - 50 Pleasures in the Study
To find the Oriental modern living value and wisdom for a study room from the Chinese civilization.  

Dian Shin / Design Refreshment 2009 - Tea Serving 50
Back in the day people would offer strangers tea as a sign of goodwill. Although the act of “serving tea” is rare in Taiwan today, the spirit continues to live on in many forms.

Dian Shin / Design Refreshment 2010 - Potential 50
Local craft technology and Modern design.

Dian Shin / Design Refreshment 2011 - 50 Manners
Through the “souvenir” presents Tainan’s cultural traditions and life style.

Dian Shin / Design Refreshment 2012 - 50 Manners +
50 Manners Plus, which extends the concept of “gifts” in the previous year, engages in interesting cultural dialogues with Tainan. PLUS is the designers’ self-expectation. They expect through another year of hardwork and exploration to enhance the depth and broadness of the interpretation and creation.