2012年6月27日 星期三

2011 五十禮 50 Manners / 參展作品介紹

Tainan Brick T-shirt
I really like the idea of introducing or reminding a culture character through a souvenir, therefore I’d like to design interesting local souvenirs as handy gifts for this exhibition.

My strong impression of Tainan was the friendly people and the orange brick walls all over the town. It’s a town of history and orange color. I decided to design a series of gifts/ souvenirs with a single brick form to well represent Tainan. 


Tainan  Tea Brick
Concept 2, T-shirt Brick: The weather in Tainan is rather warm and hot. A simple T-shirt can be wear through different seasons. I was thinking to make the t-shirts printed in selected Tainan historical tour sites as gifts for young audiences to get to know the town. Through a high- pressured vacuum forming , the t-shirts can be packaged like a brick.

De Tainan Stijl
During our Taiwan trip in April 2011, my wife and I visited an old shop selling traditional Chinese ink brushes.  The feeling of primitive simplicity filled the shop and this impressed upon my memory.
In the first evening of that trip, we rambled around a street in the city and were attracted by a banner of a shop.  The banner indicated the shop as a shoe hospital.  In fact, the shop provides shoe repairing services for people.  This was rather funny since we had not ever heard of a shoe hospital.  After that, we started paying attention to the banners of other shops there.  We found that they all looked very interesting and special not only because of their meanings, but also the style of the Chinese characters.
We were used to write on copybooks when we were youngl.  We might start with some very simple words or phrases.  Yet since the phrases were mostly written in very old style, we might not even know what they mean.  In De Tainan Stijl, the banners appear in Tainan are recorded.  They all reflect the culture and living style of the city.  I hope this little copybook will help promote the special typographies on the shops' banners in Tainan and lead to a brand new style of Chinese calligraphy.


當我踏足台南後 , 覺得那裡是個很適合騎腳踏車遊玩的城市,所以我就想設計一台專屬台南市的腳踏車。但是對外地遊客來說,帶台腳踏車回去,可能太誇張,所以想透過腳踏車的配件,呈現出這座城市的特色。在台南的考察途中, 我們經過一家製作帆布產品的老字號“永盛帆布”, 我就在想何不請這家老店來製作一個既可放置在腳踏車上又可取下隨身攜帶的休閒袋. 這樣就可以無拘無束地騎腳踏車作城市漫遊。
Tainan Cargo Bag
When I first got to Tainan, the cycling culture made a big impression on me and I thought cycling was a great way for people to discover Tainan. as a result, I came up with the idea to design a bicycle specifi cally catered to ride the streets of this city. However, once I realized that it would be diffi cult for tourists such as myself to carry something as large as a bicycle home, I changed the design brief from designing a bicycle to designing bike accessories that highlight Tainan’s characteristics. During the trip, we went past the old charismatic “Wing-Shing canvas workshop”, which inspired me to work with this local canvas workshop in creating this canvas messenger bag specifi cally designed to be used on and off bicycles.

台南的‘藍曬圖’牆讓人驚艷,也給了我設計的 靈感: 讓生命重現的契機無所不在。而台灣的朋友所呈現的,正是以靈思巧藝賦予老舊事物新的生命。 我希望能藉由這個‘紀念品’的 設計,來提醒我們人也 一樣具有重生的能力。透 過植物的生長,以及生 長所帶來的改變,來具體 展現重生的過程。就像藍 曬圖一 般,雖然曾經從光輝走入殘敗,但還是能夠得到重生。
I was very impress with what was done to this wall. This inspired me with the thoughts that there is always a way for renewal. My friends in Taiwan has shown me that there is always a way to make old thing new again with a touch of class. In this instant, I want to emulate the thoughts behind this inspiration. I wonder how I could create a gift that should remind us of the ability to renew oneself like what this inspiration has done. I am looking at a blatant translation of this work. Hence I thought about how I can embody this wall into something tangible. As I search for objects in Taiwan, it seems that planters make the most senses.  Growth is always about renewal and with growth changes will occur much like this wall. I am sure it has seen many changes, from it glorious days to the decay and then renewal.
Let’s work on and see if the results befit the idea when it was first conceive。


The Candle Stand represents my first impression of my experience in Tainan. People in Tainan are so friendly and I had a great time. This candle stand is an interpretation of the friendship we shared over a meal. It is overflowing and cheery, as shown in the color and the texture. I hope that my friends in Tainan will feel the same way I do when we sit around the table for a meal over a nice candle light. 

四個造型各異但和諧共存的容器,取材自豐富多樣的台南地道小吃,象徵台南謙和包容、東西融合 、多姿多彩的多元人文精神。
提起台南的人文特色,一定會談及台南豐富的飲食文化。為旅居異鄉多年的台南人,這些外觀樸實無華,卻散發著濃馥米香或芋頭香的小吃,是最能勾起思鄉情懷的溫馨回憶。粽子, 米糕 ,芋粿,碗粿 - 這四種普受歡迎的小吃,不僅風味獨特,形體更是迥異,將這些小吃的形體純化成具現代感的基本造型,再就其形態賦予合適的功能,從而組成一套‘文房組盒’。除了具備裝飾賞玩的功能和實用的價值,還能讓人憶起台南的飲食文化, 更能使送禮者和受禮者感受祝福的美意,成為集合了‘飾,賞,玩,用, 憶 ,寓’多重功能與價值的紀念品。
To a Tainan native living overseas, nothing is more reminiscing than the warm memory of savoring the humble yet aromatic hometown snacks. Rice dumplings, rice cakes, taro cakes and bowl rice puddings - not only are these popular snacks with distinctive flavors, but also with unique forms. The idea was to extract these varied forms, transform them into basic modern forms and infuse them with fitting functions. The outcome is an ensemble of desk containers which hopefully serves as a reminder of the rich Tainan food culture, while expressing the good-wishes from the giver of these gifts to the receiver.

Embroidery Card
The traditional embroidery in Tainan is not only present the elegant embroider craft but including the faith of peace and lucky. This design combines the postcard and traditional embroidery to represents the fancy greeting, and the unique handwork embroidery also reflects the traditional craft in Tainan.

小吃不僅是美食,更是臺南地區的生活與飲食文化的具體呈現,乃是正宗臺南之寶 !! 本餐具袋除 筷子及湯匙外並改良設計肉圓、粿及肉粽等常見小吃所需之竹刀食器,並結合臺南地圖,讓臺南小 吃 FANS 可以按圖索驥,加以紀錄完成自己的府城嚐寶圖。

Treasure Map
The tasty local snack in Tainan is a symbol of culinary culture, the knife, spoon and chopsticks in this tableware set are designed especially for the Tainan local snack such as meat ball, rice cake and rice tamale. Moreover, there is a food map in the back of the pack to help the people find the local treasure food and record it!

Canvas Bag Bookmark
The original and authentic canvas bag is an significant craft industry of Tainan. The characteristics of the canvas bag also represents the sincere image of Tainan City. The essential and simple touch of the canvas bag which is originally used for packing books, is now being packed in a book. Families or friends who receive the gifts will perceive the warmth from Tainan while reading.



Kids' cannot get more excited than receiving red envelopes during Chinese new year celebration ;  what could the spirit of "red envelopes" bring to the society other than the " new year money"? The idea is about connecting the traditional Tainan houses with red envelopes, on the other hand,  representing an extension of social and cultural heritage. 

lai lim teh
It is very well known that people in Tainan is very friendly and enthusiastic. Through the cooperation between my cup design and a local teashop (Tea Serving), we converted those accompanied cups full of the spirit characteristic of Tainan people into presents, which allows residents in Tainan to spread local culture and the story of a historic city.

台南是台灣最早發展的一個城市,貿易進出口的商業活動極為活絡,各式的建築及商家因應而生,新與舊、西洋與本土,形成台南特殊又獨特的氛圍,台南的布街-舊淺草商城就是一個擁有這樣風情的地方,走在日治時代遺留下來的建築內,彷彿走進了那個年代,有種時間顛覆的錯亂感,周邊的規劃依稀可見往日的繁華,隨著時代變遷、商業中心的轉移,商城裡只剩布莊街的燈光相互呼應,在一片蕭條沈寂中展現它的生命力,靜靜的敘述著它的故事 。
Tainan is the first development city of Taiwan, has a tangible sense of history and traditions; it is a multicultural city, gathering different style of architectures and lifestyle, become a unique atmosphere city. Old Asakusa mall is a place with such style; it is the legacy of Japanese colonial era building, a commercial place for different trades, especially for cloths, walking inside, still can feel the prosperous back to the time. Now days, only few fabric shops with lights on, telling the stories and showing their vitality in the midst of the depression.
【Bigibu】represents a story of Tainan by using fabrics which relate with the city history. The cover is Tainan’s symbolize colour brick red, place on buttons made of feature fabrics, with a rope can play around the buttons while open and close the notebook, the idea behind it, would like to encourage people to explore and experience Tainan via five senses, and recording down the journey by【Bigibu】.


The hand-wrapped tea is the most striking features of  a century-old ZHEN FAT. Through the process/ steps of wrapping the tea, the expression of dedication and sincerity have been conveyed to the people. The design of the tea set has revealed the characteristics of Origami, even if the packaging has been opened and discarded, the tea set is still continuing to convey the spirit of the tea company/ house.



Taste, Tainan
There is Taiwan's most famous food in Tainan, so we design tableware for food_sauce small dish.  The design concept comes from food ideation, it combines Monuments and the scenic in Tainan, not only can prevent the sauce use too much, but you can also see monuments and scenic spots of Tainan in the dish, just like you can test Tainan scenic.


It is quite troublesome when it comes to gifting since it might be impractical or just too expensive, that is why I design household supplies to slove this problem.
Soap and towel are the traditional primary presents. I changed the shape of the soap to triangular pyramid, and transform the appearance into Zong Zi (rice dumpling) by covering the soap with towel. The angles of triangular pyramid could be used for massage purpose.


Grille is an important, traditional symbol of Taiwanese life and has been an intergral part of the Taiwanese landscape for decades. In Tainan, one can still find and see many of these traditional grilles, but sadly, this type of custom-made grille is rapidly dissapearing in favor of cheap mass-produced grills. As a result, the craftsmanship of creating these grills is dissapearing.

The Designer has combined this usually outdoor element, the grille, with another distinctly Taiwanese piece, the Bando stool (used for outdoor banquets). By merging these two different elements, the designer has crafted a piece that has a simple, clean and beautiful aesthetic that fits well in indoor environments.


Grille is an important, traditional symbol of Taiwanese life and has been an intergral part of the Taiwanese landscape for decades. In Tainan, one can still find and see many of these traditional grilles, but sadly, this type of custom-made grille is rapidly dissapearing in favor of cheap mass-produced grills. As a result, the craftsmanship of creating these grills is dissapearing.

The Designer has combined this usually outdoor element, the grille, with another distinctly Taiwanese piece, the Bando stool (used for outdoor banquets). By merging these two different elements, the designer has crafted a piece that has a simple, clean and beautiful aesthetic that fits well in indoor environments.

磨石子過去曾是台灣建築中流行的建材元素,無論經過多少歲月依然能保持不新不舊最初完工樣貌。 但磨石子漸漸不被使用在現代建築上面,設計師截取磨石子地板上紋路,將原本堅硬的磨石子,變成柔化的地毯,讓傳統建築紋樣的風華可以透過演化,繼續存在台灣家居生活中。


無論時代如何變遷,我們還是遵循著長輩留下的習俗,除夕當天貼的春聯將會一直保持到它們自然脫落或褪色為止。 故意將「福」及「春」字倒過來貼,因為這樣象徵著「福到」、「春到」。將春字與台南特色聯結設計出圖案,希望旅者將春袋到,福袋到,帶給最親愛的家人與朋友。 

Take Away Good Taste Of Tainan
Fruit store has been a great dating location for elder residents in Tainan. Cut fruit plate is a characteric dish in Tainan, especially the ginger tomato. When the tomato was dipped into the mixture of thick soy cauce, ginger, brown suger as well as licorice powder, perhaps only those who had taken a bite could experience the deliciousness of that sour and sweet with a bit of sharp taste of ginger.
Therefore I designed a rounded dipping plate with special recipe, tourists could easily follow the procedures to reappear the good taste of Tainan.
Almost none of the fruit dressing needs to be fully stirred, hence I used the rounded plate to underline the specialty of ginger tomato.



Tainan in layers
Layer by layer, the glass plates manifest the changing lanscape of Tainan. By stacking the map-engraved plates, one can read the city history across the centuries.


Gate Bag
The old Tainan city owns many gates. Get a gate bag and visit the gates!

新馬路舊街道,老街屋新茶店,年輕人吃著老店舖的碗粿。新與舊、東與西,在同一個空間衝突但又協調的融合,彷彿有穿梭時空錯覺。這是我的台南印象。老房子用新的建築工法再利用,這裡的老空間不單純是為了緬懷老時光,更是為了當代的生活而延續下去,新的人在這裡的老空間創造新的想法、新的生活。這次的創作也是基於這樣的想法,用木頭與木工榫接的傳統素材,加入新的製作工法與材料。外型也是結合一點老桌燈的線條融入老鐵花窗般的簍空。將光線經由鐵花窗照在地板天花的印象,藉由傳統木工榫接的概念,並期望收禮者經由 DIY 組裝至燈光亮起的整個過程體驗台南的工藝與城市映象。


Time Remains
From here to here. It’s right here. The nature has given the Tainan oyster culturers the most valuable gift and makes it the most famous and important cuisine business here. To honor the oyster culture in Tainan, we use the shining shells of oyster combined with eco-friendly cement from the local to perform the condensation of time for making the tiers of different materials.


Window's Face
I walked around the street at Tainan City and toke a collection of the grille on the windows. Those are  the faces of the city, also the faces of home. The style of every grille reflect the dream of every family: wealth, lucky, pragmatism or romantic. The grille not only have the function of protection, but also the personality of Tainan City.

Kesi Bag
kesi bag – A design concept derives from both the specific culture of Tainan and the my emotion with objects. Tainan is a place where deeply influenced by the western culture and still obsesses plenty of historic spots. Special cultural fusion can be easily found in Tainan such as architectures and furniture. Canvas bags from Tainan also recall our memories of childhood. It’s a symbol of simple style and a gift with craftsmanship that you will like to have one or share with your friends. I started to redesign bags which can meet demands in our daily life. With adding the legs of traditional furniture to a canvas bag, you can feel free to put the “kesi bag” on the ground and ease your burden anytime.


Sweet, Peaceful bottle
Tainan Castle Town is famous by the variety of fine foods. Makes every traveler can’t forget the specific taste. With deep culture smell, the touched burn on the beat of soul. So we come back here, want to deliver some memories of taste, to ourselves, maybe far away or pasted by.

The bottles filled with fruits preserves, using Lacquerware to rebuild the molding of the Pot of AnPing. Because of the sweet fruits preserves carry out and the pronunciation of AnPing to peace. Makes gifts not only gifts but full of great meaning. Sweet memories, Peaceful travels.

禮─傳達訊息的媒介物件,作品〝稻禾〞系列  表達的是最平實,但也是最重的送禮誠意。庶民送的禮往往是自家田裡辛勤照顧的農作物或做成的食物,充滿辛勤的汗水的禮尚往來,是極為誠意的禮。古老城市裡庶民飲食基調,最能夠代表在地飲食文化的、莫過於─米食:鄰居剛蒸好的,由矮牆上遞過來熱騰騰,充滿米磨過的香味,上面放了蚵仔的白嫩碗粿。巷弄裡真材實料的小吃是一種對客人的禮數,使用嘉南平原產的米做的肉燥飯、上面放著虱目魚魚鬆的米糕、湯頭鮮甜的米苔目,茶食零嘴的香甜米荖、酥脆米香、軟Q米麻薯、紅龜粿…等。日本技師八田與一在臺南;規劃嘉南平原的嘉南大圳灌溉系統,是送給南臺灣的大禮。它使作物得以因優良的灌溉規劃而長成,成為臺灣最大的糧倉,間接造就飲食的米食文化。作品〝稻禾〞系列,以紀實的語法,希望有低限主義(minimalism)的皮層型態。名謂:春耕~夏耘~秋收~冬藏,傳達的是內斂不浮誇,跨越不同種族、地域,來自內心真誠的禮。
Among these common people’s diet culture, the most representative one is rice: the delicious salty rice pudding with oyster on it, is just steamed. The traditional snacks which sell by the food stands in the alleys are etiquette for guests. The Japanese engineer, Hatta Yoichi, complete the Chianan Canal irrigation system of Chianan Plain of Taiwan, and the canal became a precious gift for South Taiwan. The Chianan Canal made agriculture grow much better than before, and made Chianan Plain became the largest granary in Taiwan, and indirectly leads to Taiwanese’ rice diet culture. The “rough rice” series is created with the on-the-spot-record-photo.The designer hopes the product could represent the minimalism. The name: “Spring Tilling, Summer Hoeing, Autumn Harvest, Winter Hide” present a sincere gift, which is reserved, cross different and multiethnic region.


A group including 4 cups or nine cups, when does not use the buckle puts in but actually the tea tray, floats by the base engraves is composed the Confucian temple, or Fort Zeelandia. And so on graphs, usually may, when suspends the decoration to use.

藉由單純物體的輪廓改變而不改變其本質,傳統認知的"物件"可以被賦予新的力量, 創造新的使用與消費行為。

Candy Top
By simply adjusting the profile of the traditional Lollipop, new power has been applied to the existing well-recognized object.


The theme of my design is the aroma of Taiwan cypress that represents Taiwan’s fragrance. I wish to deliver the warm and kind of Taiwan cypress ring and the uniqueness of Taiwan cypress’s aroma.


臺南市靠近公園南路的一株菩提老樹,樹齡超過百歲,為全台最大最老的菩提樹母。台灣本無菩提樹,第一株是1901年日本政府由印度引進台南,當時以種植在一些寺廟的庭院居多。這株老菩提樹在台南公園尚未興建時就已存在,原本佇立在ㄧ座廟口前。後來因整地創建台南公園 ,廟被遷移後老菩提樹卻留下來守著這片土地。

菩提樹是印度佛教徒眼中的聖樹, 因佛祖釋迦牟尼在菩提樹下悟了道。唐初,禪宗六祖慧能寫道:「菩提本無樹,明鏡亦非臺;本來無一物,何處惹塵埃。」即是藉由菩提樹領悟「四大皆空」的禪意。

Impression Tainan
Bodhi is fundamentally without any tree, The bright mirror is also not a stand. Fundamentally there is not a single thing, Where could any dust be attracted.

Temple culture in Tainan is pretty impressive. A unique product and the traditional lifestyle grow from the unique architecture as temple. A commitment to spirit is what people are looking for at Temple. Such as getting a lucky bamboo slip for people is going to have an exam as a good luck wish; praying for a good relationship by wearing a red thread; hoping to have a safe trip by carrying a lucky symbol. This is the local temple feature in Tainan as well as the Taiwanese characteristic. My design concept is: People’s blessing can be delivered easily through these carry on adornments.


Tea Rice Mug
Made of porcelain and silicone, this urn like little Tea Rice Mug is a neat packaging box exclusively for Tainan rice. As the rice taken out of mug it can also be used as a Tea Cup of which the name of Tea Rice Mug is derived.

台南  好甜
每當外出旅遊,總是想和不能一同前來的親朋好友分享旅遊的樂趣,習慣帶上「伴手」做為贈禮。在府城除了文化古蹟巡禮之外,還有令人食指大動的美食。從前,糖是貴族的象徵,「食物好甜」刻劃出你我對台南美食的印象,即便時代變遷,這種文化傳承也不曾改變。以螞蟻爬向食物的畫面帶出食物so sweet,同時收到「伴手」的心情也是so sweet。

Tainan,so sweet
Whenever we go to travel, we also want to share the fun of travel with someone who can’t come with us, and usually bring some special stuff as a gift. In addition to historic monument and citizen lifestyle, there have many kinds of delicious food in the cultural capital. In the past, the sugar symbolizes nobles. “The food is so sweet” made a general impression in Tainan cuisine. Even as times change, the culture would be passing down. Using ants crawl toward the food means the food is so sweet and feeling so sweet when received this gift.

伴手禮可以是隨興的分享, 所以一袋水果, 分一半的名產, 一條剛捕到的魚都可以是伴手禮。既然伴手禮都是不一樣的東西, 何不設計一個方便包裝這些伴手的袋子。把紅白塑膠袋換成設計過的袋子, 除了增加對伴手的重視, 也賦予了不同的趣味和意義。主要設計是利用日本的包袱為概念, 以台南有名的帆布, 設計出來的環保袋(包)。 配合不同主題的印刷和配色, 擁有不同的台南特色外, 也把伴手禮拉回成隨興的分享, 但保留了某種程度的慎重。

Gift wrapper
The gift can be a casual sharing, such as a bag of fruit, sub-specialties, even a newly caught fish can be a souvenir. As souvenir can be anything, why not design a convenient and styled packaging . Not only design to replace the plastic bag or gift packaging, but increase attention and gives more meanings and personal identities.

The main concept is the use of the Japan's burden with canvas, to create a new reuseful package or bag. With different themes and color printing on it, can display the different characteristics in Tainan. Identifying the meaning of sending gifts back to casual sharing, but retains a degree of caution.


Inspired from light-as-feather cotton candy, transforming its thread-like construct into a shape of airy texture, the vase sheds off its otherwise commonness and puts on magically glamorous appearance.



time bag
Made of canvas, the Time tote bag features the adjustable straps that can tell time so it can hold diverse objects which link to the date shown on the straps. By carrying this bag, users can easily record or get reminded of all of their important dates, such as a wedding anniversary, birthday and so on. Thanks to its small size, the bag can be used as a desk calendar as well.

小時候,奶奶收到南部親戚送來的囍餅總是特別歡喜, 她說:下港的餅就是比較好吃,尤其是臺南的大餅最具滋味了…(註:下港=南台灣 ) 奶奶拿起刀子,台下一雙雙咕溜溜的眼睛期待著那緊張的一刻,她俐落地將囍餅分成八等分,拿出其中一塊,慈愛地遞給身為長孫的我。油亮亮的餅皮與香氣四溢的餡料看起來美極了,品嚐當下的那份滿足感,交織出的豐富味蕾感受,這也成為我童年時期的深刻回憶。 本作品之發想,從童年回憶的美好氣氛出發導入故事性,譜出另一段關於婚姻的愛情地圖……。一對年輕的新婚夫妻,彼此從交往到結婚都在臺南留下不少回憶,透過繪製約會地圖,試圖將臺南具特色的八個景點,融入在囍餅的設計中,每一個景點都是八分之一的美味回憶,以故事情境結合景點的旅行地圖,並結合memo夾之產品功能,期望成為具臺南地方特色『 伴手禮 』的文創商品。
Sharing Happiness. One-eighth of delicious memory
It is a local custom in Taiwan to share one’s happiness of marriage by giving out wedding cakes.
As a little boy, I remember my grandma being particularly happy when she received wedding cakes from relatives in southern Taiwan.“Wedding cakes from Xiagang (alternative reference to southern Taiwan) are just tastier, especially those from Tainan,” she said. Grandma would then draw a knife as we looked on with anticipation. Slicing the wedding cake into eight pieces, she would hand one lovingly to me, her eldest grandchild. The greasy sheen of the cake and the fragrant smell of its contents mesmerized me. The satisfaction of the bite and the rich sensation it stirred on my taste buds became a cherished childhood memory. Inspired by childhood memories of eating wedding cakes and the love story of a newly-wed couple, I map out in my design eight famous scenic spots in Tainan which witnessed the relationship grow from budding love into marriage. Each of the eight sites represents one-eighth of a delicious memory.  Tracing their tracks and recounting their story through the form of a map, this piece doubles as a memo folder that captures the local scenery of Tainan.


Human civilization are derived from the river and the "five ports" is the reason that making Tainan prosperity and development. As time goes by, Tainan presents diverse style and character ; however, it's never change the unique lifestyle and life attitude of Tainan people.  People who visit Tainan, they all want to bring back the local cuisine for their family and friends and share those delicious food in a delicate box, and that is the designing inspiration of "Gift Box".  The square box design represent Tainan and divided into five components represent the "five ports" showing the diversity cultures in Tainan.   People can attach different items on the cover of the box in order to show their own personal feeling of Tainan.

在台南府城,有許多兩三百年的古寺老廟,舊建築中有許多不同形體的神獸,古人認為神獸有著不為人知的神祕力量,有些可辟邪與擋煞,有些可祥瑞與求財,其象徵造型與文化故事充滿了趣味。其中「龍生九子」在台灣台南僅存最完整,傳說中它們各掌管其所好默默的守護著居民,成為台南當地的守護象徵。因此設計「龍生九子」化身為“土鈴”形象,成為台南地方鄉土小物 ,讓它們更貼近人間來陪伴護佑您。


Micro Tainan
In Tainan, taking a walk in small streets always has surprises. We can find temple, churches, and historic relics behind large buildings when turning around into a street. When we make another turn, we can see traditional shops and old monuments standing beside new houses. In Tainan, there is full of elegant and attractive landscape waited for people to find up.
According to this beautiful landscape in Tainan, I create a set of silver rings built of many architecture and plants. Therefore, we can have an imagination of taking a walk in Tainan when we wear them.


Tote to Hung Tong
Tainan is a place full with harmony formed by its diverse conflict; the clash between tough canvas tote and the delicate embroidery is just a way to pay the tribute to legendary naïve artist Hung Tong, Hung Tong lived his whole life exclusively at small fishmen village at Tainan, thus he never received the formal training in drawing, he has amazed the crowd with his one of a kind style that full is with vivid colours and detail lines.  

光的記憶-包袋系列在台南的早晨,房間充斥著與台北生活全然不同的暖光透窗而來。隨著光線進來房間的還有一種清爽的半透明感。因此,我們希望能將這種透明感隨身攜帶,這是台南送給我們的無形禮物 也是我們想呈現給使用者的觀感。想隨身攜帶的窗,或許能打開在都會生活中的悶熱感,也可能為你打開新的生活景色。透過半透明的傳統玻璃花樣,讓生命所需要的暖光透出;即使你不在台南,也能戴著屬於台南的透明感,開啟一扇在心理的窗。

Memory of Light
The first ray of sun into the room in Tainan County feels differently with what is felt in Taipei City. The translucent beam transpires sensation of freshness as a gift of Tainan to its visitors. Having a piece of portable glass window with the carving work of a traditional Tainan craftsmanship, Memory of Light can bring to the city dweller of a moment of clearness in the heart.

台南保留了許多老房子, 也留下了許多風格各異的鐵窗文化。以最常見的老鐵窗元素為造型打造文鎮。 將鐵窗保護的、區隔內外的意象,   轉化成桌上包容的、穩定的用品。

Window railing impression
Tainan retain many old houses, and also leave a lot of different styles of window railing culture. Use the most common elements of the window railing to create paperweight. Turn the image of protection and inside/outside into the image of accommodating and stable thing on desk.

府城福袋– 祝福和好運貼身帶著走




Lucky Charm Sleeve
The lucky charm sleeve of historic city –carrying your good luck and blessings!
Tainan, an ancient city survived Japanese Colonial Period and colonized by Dutch, is surrounded by historic stories and antique buildings recorded in textbooks; However, what really embeds in my memory and my childhood is the experience of Bai Bai.

Since I was young, my family have been going to sheng mu miao praying for blessings annually that symbolizes bad luck going away and looking forward to a new year full of hope! When I feel frustrated in strange land, my hometown always supports me; it makes me eager to go back tosheng mu miao for peace in my mind just like being supported by my own family.

Bai Bai, is usually for personal wishes, praying for blessings, and making dreams come true. When you finish Bai Bai, you can have a lucky charm blessed earnestly and can be carried with you everywhere. At first, you would put the charm into your carrying bag, but it always is gone or lost eventually just like you lose the magic.


Tea jar 
Travel size for easy carrying, Double-layer design can be placed through the tea leaves or tea bag, and there are special tea spoon. Zinc products with special textures, and showing a primitive style with a hemp rope.


give & receive
Presenting is an action between two persons. The moment when two persons have emotional communication by giving and receiving presents is what presenting is all about. One have to give presents, and the other have to receive presents. Therefore, "give & receive" is a present bag which has two parallel grips. One is for presenter, and the other is for presentee. By opening the bag, the two grips will combine into one, and the bag will transform into a shoulder bag. Therefore, it will be easy for presentee to carry presents, and the bag can also be reused as a shoulder bag for daily carriage.


blessing cup
In order to represent the temple in the cup, I use the dark clay to symbolize the columns. The patterns on the side of the cup are influenced by the tradition when people will decorate red fabric with historical embroidery and place above the door to bring luck. Other classic types of embroidery will be used in my design, all are inspired by different traditions such as praying to Confucius for good luck in exams, praying to Kuan for justice, praying to Matsu for peace. In that way there is a cup for all occasions. Therefore, the blessing cup is a practical gift with strong culture meaning.


prey for victory
"Gift giving is a very important culture practice amount Taiwanese society; Tainan is “City of Etiquette” and with its abounded population of temples, there grows the strong linkage between the symbolic meaning of gift and religious belief. This souvenir is for temple of Great Master Confucius and its design is taking the spoonerism of Zongzi as good luck to student who is going to exam.

從小就喜歡老東西,老東西延伸我的想像空間,讓我喜歡傾聽故事以及容易感動。很幸運地生長在老台南,這是一個到處充滿驚喜的又老又小的城市。台南最讓我記得的是,大街小巷裡的老故事堅持著傳統,教人用心與眼去體驗人生。長大後離開台灣後,老台南的簡單與深刻仍存活在我的記憶裡,記得滿滿的人情味,獨特的文化,生活哲學以及時光的痕跡。更幸運的是得到老公Chin Ko的支持,當我告訴他台南令我感動的人事物,他用獨特藝術風格將我的記憶詮釋更多采多姿。從心重新看見老台南,我們要分享的是老台南給我們的感動,讓更多人看見值得讓人慢下腳步的美麗人事物。

Discover Old Tainan
I've always been drawn to old things, old things expand my imagination, and I enjoy listening to folk stories and being moved by them. I was lucky to grow up in Tainan, a historic and intimate place full of surprises. What I remember most about Old Tainan is the vibrant street life, full of tradition, where you can not only see but feel the energy of the the city.After I left Taiwan, Tainan remained strong in my memories, especially its friendly people, unique culture, rich history, and simple pace of life. Luckily, I have always had the support and understanding of my husband Chin Ko, and when I described my impression of Tainan, he created colorful artistic interpretations of my memories. Through these illustrations, I hope that you will take a moment to rediscover and enjoy this beautiful city and its people.

Early Bird-the Magpie Tea Jar
Although Tainan does not produce tea, it boasts a multifaceted tea culture. This
“Early Bird” design is primarily a ceramic tea jar with a wooden magpie sitting on the
wooden lid. The magpie can be used to retrieve tea leaves from the jar.
“Early birds drink tea!” says the designer. Morning tea is an excellent choice of 
beverage for “waking up the brain,” as an alternative to coffee.

"敦"在中國古代是祭祀和宴會時放盛黍、稷、稻、梁等作物的器皿出現在春秋時期,後來逐漸演變出蓋。到戰國時多為蓋形同體,有時蓋子本身也能反過來盛物使用......至今台灣廟宇仍然承襲著貢獻祀品的祭祀文化, 只是器皿也隨著時代的需求而改變, 所以這次的設計希望能將貢禮可以更方便攜帶, 而分開時就是一盅一盅的擺盤呈現,如此一來便可以方便食物做分層分類收那.... 除了祭祀的使用情境外, 主要還是再於食物的攜帶功能, 比如健康概念盛行的現代, 推廣上班族能多攝取多元食物,  所以希望可以方便於攜帶一些水果堅果或是小點。

Dui is a type of Chinese bronze vessel that was used in the Warring States period of Ancient China.  It's a special food container that used to be used in religious rites to show the respect for gods.  Even in nowadays Taiwanese religious culture, when we worship gods, we still prepare some special dishes to put the various fruits and food just for the ritual. So I would like to use the idea of Dui into my design and develop a portable "Food Tower".  Food Tower is a food container that is put up by several small containers, so you can put different food in different container, and when you take them apart, there are also beautiful small dishes that you can use for ritual or luxury lunch box.