2013年7月5日 星期五

2012五十禮+「50 Manners+」/參展作品



Lucky Chopstix
In these lucky Chopstix, the Chinese character for woman – nu (女) – and the character for man – nan (男) – are printed separately on each chopstick. When combined together, these two characters form a new character – hao (好), which means good, representing a happy couple. The chopsticks are held together by paper honeycombs, employing the colors of red and purple, which represent happiness and luck in Chinese culture, and remind people of the happy atmosphere of a wedding banquet. These honeycombs have been made in the shape of traditional Chinese lanterns, which are displayed at weddings and festivals, and they also function as a chopstick rest. These lucky Chopstix epitomize the meaning of chopsticks in Chinese culture.


Tainan Gourmet Poker Cards
There are so many great things to eat in Tainan, you really don’t know where to start. I often just want to draw lots to decide. This design combines the traditional Gourmet Poker Cards with a game I remember from my childhood. The cards contain pictures of delicious foods and the addresses they can be found at, so they can serve as a culinary guidebook. Of course, they can also be used as playing cards, so that people can enjoy both food and games when they come to Tainan.


This project pays tribute to Taiwan’s rare and beautiful Hinoki cypress. I wanted to use the characteristics of this precious timber to express elements of Taiwan’s culture and religion. Therefore, I used it to design and turn these two bowls. The inside of the bowls is shaped in the form of a swirl, and represents the power of nature. The hole at the bottom of the swirl also allows air to circulate through the displayed fruit, helping to keep it fresh.


Mirror with Tainan’s Imprint of Pastry
The mold of cake is not only used for cake making but it is also a woodcarving with a pattern handed down from generation to generation and it can be given various patterns and shapes to continue to develop the historic folk aesthetics of symbol and also engrave the traditional food culture on our memory.
The cakes are composed of the cultural imprints of different contents.
Times are changing and most traditional molds are being replaced. The elegant Taiwanese traditional cakes and pastry culture has been gradually disappearing.
Therefore, we produced the make-up mirror, with local characteristics, specially designed after the mold of cake, hoping to arouse people’s memories of cakes and pastry.

「七娘媽生‧做十六歲」是台南七夕獨特之處,其重要意義是教導下一代人生階段的躍進。台南尊崇古禮的家庭,當孩子滿十六歲,外祖母要「作頭尾」,還會送配帶在身上的鎖片等禮物,做為慶祝孩子「轉大人」的紀念。 因此設計了給做16歲成人禮的子女別具意義之許願配帶信物,有剪刀鏡子尺的符號之意為用『剪刀』剪掉懷習慣、照『鏡子』反省自己、心中一把『尺』 事事分寸得宜,以期盼子女長大了能懂得檢討、反省、分寸,體會生命的意涵。

Tainan’s Adult Ceremony is Held Solemnly for Sixteen-Year-Old You to Make a Wish and Wear a Token. 
On Seven Star Goddess’s birthday (Vega Goddess), a ceremony is held solemnly for sixteen-year-old people. This is a unique custom in Tainan on July 7 of the lunar calendar. It is of significance as it is an occasion to teach young people to seriously face their next stage of life.   In Tainan, for the families respecting ancient rituals, a child aged 16 will receive the gifts symbolizing completeness (literally as ‘beginning and end’) as well as a locking tab to wear offered by his or her maternal grandmother to celebrate the child becomes an adult.    Therefore, here is a meaningful wish-making token to wear specially designed for a child aged 16 at the adult ceremony.   The scissors, mirror and ruler are the symbols used to advise the child to get rid of (cut off) bad habits using scissors, reflect on his or her own words and actions using mirror, and measure his or her behavior using ruler. It’s the way to hope the child can review, reflect on and measure his or her own words and actions and realize the meaning of life. 


Time Window
The traditional method of making iron window grills conjures up reminiscences of the past. This design turns the twisting shape created by the wisdom of our ancestors into a traditional aesthetic value, which is realized in objects that accompany us in everyday life – in this case, cutlery. This set of knives and forks can be used by four people, and then stored together. The wooden case takes the shape and texture of a window frame, adding to the sentimental value of the creation.


Salt Jewelry
Salt crystals look like gem stones, and since ancient times have long been associated with purity and blessings. Therefore, the designer has used salt crystals to create these jewelry items – decorations that can be worn!


Purse for Coin Gourmet
 Tainan’s snack food is cheap and delicious. You can sample it all, and pay for it with your loose change. This change purse is printed with the characters “Tainan Cuisine.” When you’ve saved enough coins, grab the purse and head out for a snack! Travelers can buy this snack purse with stickers depicting their favorite snack food, and give it to their friends as a personal recommendation. Or they can save their pennies for their next gourmet trip to Tainan!



White iron window grills are a familiar sight in Tainan. This design incorporates the idea of the traditional iron window grill into a three-dimensional framework, which can be used as a vase or a pencil holder.

Windows - Unbrella Stand
White iron window grills are a familiar sight in Tainan. This umbrella stand consists of a solid frame that is inspired by design of the traditional iron window grill.

藉由精油或是薰香,在念書時輔助集中注意力,念書後的勞累也可以藉由芳香療法來紓放,如此一來,讓準備考試變得事半功倍。臺南市三步一小廟,五步一大廟,萬事皆可求保佑,因此以廟宇香火鼎盛之意像為設計元素,結合薰香台與存錢功能,希望祈願者在達成心願後,別忘了回到臺南還願喔 !

All-Pass Incense Stand
Aromatherapy has been employed since time immemorial for a wide range of purposes, such as the treatment of minor illnesses, soothing stress, and aiding sleep. The use of aromatherapy oils or incense sticks can also help to promote concentration and enhance memory while studying, or reduce weariness from overwork. In Tainan, there are many temples that students can visit to pray for good luck in exams. This “All Pass” incense stand incorporates the design of a temple incense burner, and also functions as a piggy bank. After all your wishes have come true, don’t forget to come back to Tainan!


Coffin Toast Money Holder
The "coffin toast" could represent the most iconic fusion of western and eastern styles in terms of Tainan's local food. It's applied with western cooking style, which uses fried toast and potage as the base, and stuffed with various kinds of eastern ingredients. Therefore, it has became one of the most amazing local foods in Tainan. Following thus spirit, the "Coffin Toast Money Holder" is constructed with modern and simple look, at the same time applied with oriental pattern as interior lining. It's not only a practical accessory for daily use, but also the fortunate money holder since both chinese characters "guan tsai" represent promotion and fortune in oriental culture. ("guan" represents promotion in terms of work and "tsai" represents fortune. "guan tsai" is the chinese pronunciation of coffin.)


Memory Clock
I remember I always followed my grandfather to Tainan to find a friend in memory of Tainan street, along the road full of colorful Phoenix flowers, grandpa holding my hand down the street with friends, find love and romance on both sides of the street connected to form a long magnificent arches look like, even if the passage of time through a distinct memory of the Phoenix flower street, and grandfather tour Tainan has always linger in my heart.


Occipital Hong Cotton
Tea is indelibly associated with memories of Tainan. Take a sip of tea, and let the fragrance of tea accompany you around the streets of the city. This bag integrates the architectural concepts of Tainan city with the natural color and fragrance of tea, combining traditional handicrafts with Tainan’s tea culture to produce a new way of thinking about culture. 

Ironwork Ring
Traditional window grills appeared as a result of Taiwan’s economic growth, and evolution into an industrial society. However, these grills are becoming less common these days, and may one day disappear altogether. These rings commemorate this important cultural symbol.


「鳳凰花可以做成蝴蝶歐!」,「東豐路的阿勃勒盛開時很像黃葡萄在樹上」,「下完雨的隔天,黃花風鈴木下方會出現金黃色的腳踏車道」,「蘋婆蒸熟後很好吃,像栗子」,各種植物伴隨臺南人成長,並且開花結果為大自然報時,也提醒人們黃金風鈴木開完了,下一棒還有鳳凰花。大自然隨時有不同的美好等著我們,「Any time is a good time!」

Time of Nature
Did you know that flame tree flowers can be arranged to look like butterflies? Or that the golden shower flowers on Dong Feng Road look like yellow grapes? Or that the bike path under Tainan’s Golden Trumpet trees will become yellow after rain? Or that Noble Bottle-tree fruit are delicious when steamed, and taste a little like chestnut? Tainan has a rich variety of plant life, which serves as nature’s timekeeper. When the Golden Trumpet flowers wither, we know they will soon be replaced by the Phoenix flowers. Nature always has something beautiful waiting in store for us!

臺南,像是一首深邃的俳句,只需意會,毋需詮釋 。獨坐幽篁裏,使用時方為印記花押,毋用時可為一枯山水。「無用之用,是謂大用」,究竟是用時才謂擁有實際作用的設計還是毋用時成為一方枯山水的閒暇心境,在每個人的心中,擁有不同的詮釋,各有各的定奪。

Meditation at Karesansui
Tainan is like a profound Haiku poem. It just needs to be perceived – not interpreted.


Puff Bun Bank
When we eat puff buns, it’s customary to break them open from the top. This idea has been incorporated into the design of this puff bun piggy bank. It can be used as a decoration or paperweight while you’re saving your coins. Then, when you want to get the money out, smash open the top! The graphics on top of the puff bun piggy bank can be changed and customized.

Blessing Charms: Progeny Series
Blessing Charms, a series of sliver jewelries, were created with ‘wishing and blessing’ as the core concept, and were designed with a modern touch. The concept of the Progeny Series derived from the proverbs and folk legends about praying for descendents. The charms were designed in shapes and details that symbolize the blessing messages as follows:
- Goddess of Mercy granting descendents (red egg)
- Giving birth consecutively (lotus seed head)
- Kirin delivering descendents (kirin)
- Buddha praying for descendants (Buddha in a spherical shape)
- To bear baby (disc pendent bearing baby motif)

臺南的天氣總是豔陽高照、日日是晴天,這一兩年老房子的改造以及老東西的翻新,賦予臺南另一種不同的活力與生命力。老物件的故事與記憶都使臺南變得so hot!在老房子的巷弄中穿梭,感受鐵窗花背後的燈光,彷彿透著過去生活中的單純與快樂。 臺南的天氣so hot,老物新生so hot,臺南so hot!

Tainan So Hot
The weather in Tainan is so hot! In the last couple of years, Tainan has been revitalized by the renovation of old houses and other ancient artifacts. The old stories and memories rediscovered through this work have made Tainan “hot” in a different sense! As you walk along the alleys full of old houses, feel the sunlight coming through the window grills, and recall happy memories of the past. We have incorporated these memories into this light, so that in the midst of your busy life, you can be reminded of the simple and innocent lifestyle of the past.



City, Time, Memory
Tainan’s roundabouts are a unique feature of this city. They represent the modern face of the metropolis, even though they have been around for more than 100 years. This design represents the five traffic circles of Minsheng Green Park, Tainan Railway Station, Dongmen Circle, Hsimen Circle and Little Hsimen Circle, and records the historical buildings around these roundabouts. I have tried to integrate the ancient culture of this city with the idea of constant change, creating a contrast between the static and the dynamic, and representing the continuity of history of this ancient city.

Older buildings in Taiwan frequently have glass windows which are frosted on one side, in order to maintain privacy and keep out the heat and glare of the sun. This vase design uses frosted glass, taking advantage of its tendency to appear transparent when viewed through water. In this way, a sense of beauty and harmony is created through the interaction of glass, flower and water.


This coffee table is the third item in a series of “twisted grill” furniture. Twisted metal is a characteristic feature of the traditional Taiwanese window grill. The legs of the coffee table are composed of three triangular elements, to which the twisting of the metal gives added structural strength.


Taiwan’s culture is characterized by continuous adaptation and adjustment. This thin sliver of wood adapts and adjusts to the shape of the base.


Wear is Love
This is a pair of underwear which is designed for those who are looking for romance. The label with lucky charm shape will increase personal attraction to make you popular in any occasion.


Moon Case - Pillow Case
Like a wish, it is intimate and secret, the secret you kept deep down in your heart.
The charm you make a wish for, placed in the pouch the pillow case, when you are in peace, it is close by your side relief your mind and soul, it bring your mind closer to the dream, to the fantasy you ever dream of.  
以臺南武廟月老的特色為產品發想主軸,並結合拐杖、關刀的造型意象,透過較為活潑、可愛的手法,設計出三種型態的「戳小三水果叉」及「斬爛桃花抹醬刀」。  在愛情關係中,人人都希望能夠遇到對的人。我們期盼結合在地文化,設計出令人喜愛且逗趣的伴手禮產品。

Additional Silverware Set
Inspired by the shapes of the weapon which are attributed to the martial god, we designed three diverse types of fruit fork and butter knife with a youthful and fun twist. With cultural elements from the local myth, our idea and products are intended to be enjoyable and favorable

愛情城市 - 臺南,有著最多月老駐點服務,專門解決全省善男信女的疑難雜症 …
信徒們感念在心,有所請託時,可以奉獻心意,針對此項需求,我們設計了具圓滿、甜蜜涵義的桂圓紅棗茶,搭配專屬四位月老的伴手禮 …

Tainan  Tea Brick
Tainan: A City in Love
Tainan is not only famous for its historical sights and various street foods, but also renowned for the belief in the god of matchmaking (We-Lau). Whether you have a good relationship, desire romance or just went through a terrible one, We-lau is always at your service. In fact, there are different roles for the god of matchmaking from many temples to make your wishes come true, and consequently the idea of We-Lau can be distinguished into four specialized ones. The results are frequently satisfying and rewarding and therefore the believers would like to offer a thanksgiving to them whenever they have a chance or request. According to the custom, we designed several boxes of assorted gifts. In each of them, there is longan and Chinese date tea which implies good luck and joyfulness, and the box is also accompanied with special product which bases on the purpose. The description of these four particular products will include:

Grand Kuan Yin Temple
Traditional fortune cookies “Pon-Bing” in mini version! With a little guidance, this product gives those hesitant people an opportunity to confirm a potential relationship and even more.
愛情城市 - 臺南,有著最多月老駐點服務,專門解決全省善男信女的疑難雜症 …
信徒們感念在心,有所請託時,可以奉獻心意,針對此項需求,我們設計了具圓滿、甜蜜涵義的桂圓紅棗茶,搭配專屬四位月老的伴手禮 …

Moon Case - Grand Matsu Temple
Tainan: A City in Love
Tainan is not only famous for its historical sights and various street foods, but also renowned for the belief in the god of matchmaking (We-Lau). Whether you have a good relationship, desire romance or just went through a terrible one, We-lau is always at your service. In fact, there are different roles for the god of matchmaking from many temples to make your wishes come true, and consequently the idea of We-Lau can be distinguished into four specialized ones. The results are frequently satisfying and rewarding and therefore the believers would like to offer a thanksgiving to them whenever they have a chance or request. According to the custom, we designed several boxes of assorted gifts. In each of them, there is longan and Chinese date tea which implies good luck and joyfulness, and the box is also accompanied with special product which bases on the purpose. The description of these four particular products will include:

Grand Matsu Temple
Chocolate is a classic way to celebrate a love story on Valentine’s Day. Accordingly, we created mango and brandy flavored chocolate. This product will increase your confidence in expressing your admiration and loving care.
愛情城市 - 臺南,有著最多月老駐點服務,專門解決全省善男信女的疑難雜症 …
信徒們感念在心,有所請託時,可以奉獻心意,針對此項需求,我們設計了具圓滿、甜蜜涵義的桂圓紅棗茶,搭配專屬四位月老的伴手禮 …

Moon Case -The Martial God Temple
Tainan: A City in Love. Tainan is renowned not only for its historical sites and vast variety of street foods, but also for belief in the god of matchmaking – We-Lau. Whether you are in a stable relationship, desire romance, or have just suffered a traumatic break-up, We-Lau is always at your service. In fact, the god of matchmaking offers four different specialized “services” at different temples, all designed to make your romantic wishes come true. Prayers to We-Lau are usually answered, and grateful lovers frequently come to temples to offer thanks for his intercession. Based on this custom, we have designed several boxes containing a variety of gifts. In each one, there is a longan and Chinese date tea, which represents good luck and happiness. Each box also contains a special product related to one specialized purpose. This one accompanies the blessings attained at the Martial God Temple, which is visited by people who are concerned about their partner’s fidelity. The box contains a fruit fork which will help eliminate rivals from your relationship. The shape of the forks is inspired by the Martial God’s cane and blade – cheaters beware!


One Bowl of Tainan
To me, Tainan is characterized by its delicious food and beautiful scenery. Both its food and its historic buildings connect us with the city’s colorful history. When I came to Taiwan, I wished I could put everything I experienced into a “bowl” to take home with me, so I later designed this “bowl of Tainan.” The engravings on the bowl record my experiences in the city, and allow these memories of Tainan to linger in my heart.

Shin-Hua Street Houses
The “street houses” in Tainan’s Shinhua town were designed by a Japanese architect, adopting the European baroque style, and built by Taiwanese craftsmen. Each of these houses is a work of art, and together they represent the district’s past glory. These “Shinhua Street Houses” are slightly simplified models of the original houses, with magnets on the back. They can be attached to magazine files, pen holders, or other products. Users can also buy these small buildings individually to create a collection, or use them to create unique decorations of their own.

去年,我們按圖索驥,大街小巷,吃遍台南 今年,我們以車代步,騎食台南,用雙腳與味蕾體驗城市,載著腳踏車的悠遊,穿梭牆磚紅瓦,遊蕩於市井的豐富味覺間。

Bike and Bite
Pedaling through streets and alleys, discovering local delicacies
Experiencing the city with bike and taste buds.
Enjoy the richness outside and within, we bike and bite in Tainan


Heart Pray
Tainan’s snack food is cheap and delicious. You can sample it all, and pay for it with your loose change. This change purse is printed with the characters “Tainan Cuisine.” When you’ve saved enough coins, grab the purse and head out for a snack! Travelers can buy this snack purse with stickers depicting their favorite snack food, and give it to their friends as a personal recommendation. Or they can save their pennies for their next gourmet trip to Tainan!


Layers of Taian Glass Dish
Layer by layer, these glass dishes manifest the changing landscape of Tainan. By stacking the dishes, which are engraved with local maps, one can read the city’s history across the centuries.


The Note with Iron Deco'
I have traveled in Tainan several times, strolling through the winding streets and alleys. As you see the ancient houses, with their characteristic red brick construction and rusty iron window grills, you gain a strong sense of this city’s ancient history. This design is called “window notes,” and is inspired by Tainan’s traditional window grills. The shape of these windows has been transformed into a decorative pattern, and used to create a notebook and stationery. The color of the rusty iron grills evokes the image of typical Taiwanese life, both past and present, and the horizontal and vertical lines of the windows capture a moment of your life.


Whatever Works
Tainan is characterized by the easygoing, laid back lifestyle and attitudes of its residents. This design reflects the Tainan spirit, being constructed of readily available items put together to create a unique object. Like the pragmatic Tainan people, it is straightforward, simple and practical. Using a simple metal framework, it can be assembled without the use of any tools, and can serve as a coffee table, a stool, or ….


Trip Chopsticks
Nowadays, there is a growing trend to travel abroad. Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, many people are wanting to pause and relax for a moment. They want to enjoy life, and take the opportunity to experience other places and cultures. While they’re traveling, they love to explore the local area and enjoy the local delicacies. This trend towards a simpler and more relaxed lifestyle is particularly appealing to city dwellers.


Lucky Charm Cardholder
This Lucky Charm Cardholder draws its inspiration from the Tainan lifestyle, and aims to share this with people from all over the world. It employs a traditional form of embroidery which has been employed for many years in Tainan, and can be seen in local folk art, temple decorations and fashion items. I wanted to put this traditional handicraft in a new context, by combining it with my skills in designing leatherwork.


Dan-Luo - Tainan To Go (Souvenir Package Design)
By chance, I visited an old house in one of Tainan’s alleys, and my attention was caught by rows and rows of paper-cuts posted neatly on the windows. It was not so much their mottled appearance that attracted me, or their unique style, but rather the sense of anticipation or a wonderful future, and the human prayers they contained for happiness and peace. Whenever people go to Tainan, they always want to take some gifts home with them. This time, why not take back a touch of Tainan’s friendly spirit? Sweets in a paper-cut are delicious and fun. Take a piece of Tainan home with you!


燈: 以鐵花窗做燈骨,繡莊繡上植物為燈罩,不開燈時花朵素雅,開燈時鐵花窗赫然炫麗。

Outside the Window
“Who would have thought Tainan would have such spectacular scenery? The streets and alleys are full of flame trees. They look like fires consuming other fires. Every time to you step outside, as soon as you raise your head you will see them. You don’t even need to be paying attention – wherever you go, wherever you look, you will be confronted by this raging forest fire of flame trees” (From “A Thousand Moons on a Thousand Rivers). Tainan’s beautiful streetscapes are unforgettable, vivid with plants and flowers and framed by traditional iron window grills. We have worked with an embroidery shop to integrate these plants and window frames into our products, so that travelers can take memories of Tainan’s streetscapes home with them.


Sihcao wetlands are a protected ecological environment in Tainan. The wetlands contain the filter pollutants functionality. when the river carry pollutants meet the wetlands, the plants above will slow down the water speed and adsorb the heavy metal to precipitate to the bottom.


Smoked Flowers
In this design, I wanted to utilize the effect of smoking incense to bring out different textures on the surface of a wood block. The burning incense (or cigarette) begins to outline carpels, and then gradually draws out complete blossoms over time. This illustrates how an object develops a reciprocal relationship with its owner, and attains more complex emotion and life over time. The unique characteristics of wood leave behind traces and scents of each interaction, forming an unforgettable memory.


                Fortune God
Religion is one of the most interesting elements of Taiwanese culture, and Tainan is the place with the highest density of religious buildings in the country. However, it’s also one of the hottest places. To integrate these two features of Tainan, we have designed this popsicle featuring the most famous god in Tainan, to help you keep your body and your heart warm, and give you the strength to keep moving! After you have finished the popsicle, you can keep the stick and use it as a fork, an environmentally friendly way to carry the gods’ blessings home with you!





The Tainan Coffee Cup Holder
The design concept was come from window decoration in Tainan, and we used the pattern of the decoration to the coffee cup holder design.  Let the tourist enjoy the moment in Tainan.






在傳統習俗裡,向月老祈求綁住夫妻之足的紅線,正是期盼著快點能尋找到紅線另一端的佳偶,希望「此繩一繫,便定終身」。將紅線帶在身上,除了可帶來好運以及好姻緣外,也可辟邪保平安。 22™將傳統紅線的概念,給予現代的簡約設計,使愛情線成為現代人可以隨身配戴的精巧飾品,亦是個人的貼身幸運小物。

Love String
Taiwanese people carry red strings to bring good luck in relationships and health. These traditional red strings have been given a modern design by 22 Design Studio, and can be worn as jewelry or as a personal lucky charm.
美麗時光 - 壓花玻璃杯墊

Good Old Times - Rolled Glass Coaster
There are a lot of well-preserved historical buildings in Tainan City, full of untold stories of the past. These embossed glass coasters are inspired by the embossed glass patterns once produced in Taiwan in the 1940s, during the period of Japanese governance. Every coaster contains a pattern representing an event in Taiwanese history.



Experimentation is in the DNA of Taiwan, even though it can look back on thousands of years of cultural heritage. When visiting Tainan, designer PeLi was amazed at how easily old parts of the city were broken down to make way for few buildings. This spirit is also applied to everyday objects, which are constantly being reinvented. One could say the Taiwanese are natural-born designers. In this design, PeLi wanted to display the impression that this country (and especially this city) had made on him, so he created the bubble tea glass – “BoBa.” Bubble tea was invented at a Tainan tea shop (some claim it was Taichung, but no-one disputes bubble tea is uniquely Taiwanese). For PeLi, this bubble tea glass incorporates the very old, but does so in a fresh and playful way. Bubble tea usually comes in throwaway plastic cups. Instead, PeLi offers a valuable and well-proportioned glass with a lid (in which a glass straw is fixed), and a stand. The whole concept of making a bubble tea cup from real glass, places the bubble tea drinking on a higher cultural plane, and brings it closer to the ancient tea ceremony.



Myth Kit


Myth Kit
Three things inspired this project; Taiwans preservation of traditional craft, Taiwans industry and the general culture of sharing that I experienced throughout my stay. Handmade in Taiwan is represents the necessary balance between craft and industry that taiwan has managed to maintain and rediscover. It also represents sharing, leaving some of the assembly tasks of the product to the end user which, in turn, brings them closer to the skill of the craftsman.



Wandering in Tainan
 “Wandering in Tainan” is a project in jewelry design by Studio YCYC that is inspired by memories of Tainan. Beginning in 2011, they have attempted to transform the city’s abstract culture and physical appearance into physical artifacts, based on their own experiences of living, wandering, and observing in Tainan, as well as their interactions with local people. Inspired by the diversity of landscapes and cultural heritage in Tainan, Studio YCYC has used outlines of old buildings and local flora to create a set of silver necklaces. It is hoped these silver necklaces will evoke images of strolling around the city.




Betel Wood Toothbrush
Betel nut has long held strong cultural significance in Taiwan, and its use in early Taiwanese society was widespread and diverse. It was planted and consumed by the Ping Pu tribes as a means of keeping warm, and was also employed to treat malaria, and as a sacrificial offering. These days, Betel palms are most commonly found in Shinshr, Jiali, Madou, Soulangh, and Shanhua, in Tainan. Tainan was also the primary destination for early Han immigration to Taiwan. These Hans brought with them traditional skills in mortise and tenon woodworking. The toothbrushes displayed here incorporate these two historical and cultural elements. They are made from Betel wood, and constructed using the mortise and tenon technique. We hope they will embody the feeling generated by Tainan’s historical artifacts.