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2013 寶用 TREASURE/參展作品


One Word Worth A Thousand In Gold
【Ri Xing Type Foundry】With the sincere mind to deliver letterpress printing and type in old days to next generation, Rixing is active to popularize the project to recast the traditional Chinese characters positively. While people go through the transition of learning the words to cherishing words, the broad and profound Chinese character and its history value can be passed down to the next generation.       

【WEN LIN TON】From a new perspective to reflect the value of Chinese character, it merge type into daily life gadget. this design from【WEN LIN TON】is a complement to modern Chinese character culture. 





Spring Fills the World, Blessings Fill the Household
During the Spring Festival, people post spring couplets on red paper that carry good wishes for the coming year at the front gate of their house. This 3D paper, sculpture represents the meaning of the spring couplet of the“Spring Fills the World, Blessings Fill the Household.” The blossoms around the circular pant floral pattern express the space of the world, and the calabash symbolizes blessings and good fortune, words with similarly pronounced in Mandarin. 
After carefully assembling the flat pattern into a 3D figure, you can pray for good fortune and happiness in the new year at the same time, just as people write down their wishes with ink and writing brush. Though this transformation, I hope this new design can become an information carrier, and let this wonderful cultural behavior continue into the future. 



Chinese Knot Cup
The Chinese knot,  is part of the traditional Chinese knitting art. Each basic Chinese knot has a  name according to its shape. Each one also has a unique symbolism for auspice symbolism and blessings.
This Chinese Knot Cup combines Chinese knots and lacquer art into one. On this cup, the Chinese knots is comprised of threads and lacquer. The red threads surrounding the body of the cup have the meaning of offering a present. Moreover, Chinese knots functions to avoid sliding and can be viewed as a recognized symbolism in banquets. 


fan NO.1
Away from those over- convenience city lives, we embrace and respect life style from the old times. Turn off the air condition, back to the old fashion; we talk about life in Tainan. And enjoy breeze brings from Tainan. 


Good Luck Package Immediately 
As a Tainan resident (born in year of the horse), I wanted to make an easy-to-carry good luck present for friends, incorporating the theme of “horse”, which is a homonym for “immediately” in Chinese. The characters of Tainan place names are arranged to form blessings if read from various angles. For example, the characters for “Anping”, when read in the opposite direction form the word for “Peace”. I then added elements of my favorite traditional Tainan handicraft, creating a little treasure for my favorite people - you; from my favorite city - Tainan.


Couple Seals
Shi-Liu in Jia-Dong is a commonly wood inlaying technique used in the creation of Tainan traditional furniture. To tack advantage of the contrasting effect of two different wood colors, the craftsmen select woods with different colors and grains as materials, and carve the lines of a given pattern on the wood of the darker color, and inlay these lines with the wood of lighter color. The whole wooden decoration is then embossed on the surface. The silhouette of a couple using two contrasting colors inlaid with each other symbolizes the love between husband and wife. It can be used as a wedding seal.



Pen Within a Pen
“Calligraphy pens” are the most fundamental stationery item of the “Four Treasures in the Study.” In the traditional culture of Taiwan, parents make a calligraphy brush using the hair of their newborn baby, in order to commemorate this wonderful and joyous moment.  
Our designers have incorporated a baby hair calligraphy into this calligraphy pen to serve as a baby’s first commemorative gift, filled with the best wishes of their parents. This exquisite pen box can serve as ink stone, penholder, or paperweight, and is sure become a family heirloom.

Terrazzo Cloth-cushion
Terrazzo floors are one of the key classic elements of traditional houses in Taiwan. However owing to its complex construction and related environmental problems, it is rarely seen these days. To revive this traditional beauty, I make my daily products, such as silk scarves, throw pillows and, cushions with the special patterns of terrazzo. To create a contrasting effect, I use soft materials stuffed with soft fillings to “re-present” terrazzo, the once hard material in our memory. Moreover, I use its patterns and colors to make fashionable and trendy accessories. Terrazzo is not only a kind of building material it can become part of our daily life in an eco-friendly way.


Treasure Hold
Shi-Liu in Jia-Dong’ was a kind of inlaying technique typical of Tainan furniture around 200 years ago. Combining wood-carving and sawing technique, ‘Shi-Liu in Jia-Dong’ used the natural colors of wood to create attractive designs which became the characteristic feature of Taiwan furniture. To integrate this art with practical functions in our everyday life, our designers make wooden plates with fine lines, decorated with different wood colors and textures. Our valuable and beautiful, Treasure Hold decorates life with art and infuses modern times with tradition. Through Treasure Hold, we hold a traditional treasure with the practical value.  


Taiwan Tote Bag
This design is inspired by classified advertisements found in Taiwanese newspapers,
expressing their everyday sense of humor through unique colors and typesetting.


Construction Site Glass
Paolyta B or Whisbih mixed Vitali are kind of energy drink for laborers to drink while they are working. Workers usually use a white plastic cup as a container to drink this kind of“cocktail, “I wanted to take this kind of scenario back to our daily life. When a white plastic cup is given a stand, it acquires an air of elegance which contrasts with the otherwise macho world of the manual laborer. 


Thanking Basket
This“Thanking Basket” design is inspired by the traditional thanksgiving baskets used in tea ceremonies. The tea master used to use a shoulder pole to carry thanking baskets full of tea brewing utensils. In the old days, it was a common container for both ceremonial occasions and daily use. The large ones functioned as movable furniture, and smaller ones more like containers. This modern version of a thanking basket applies new manufacturing processes and subtle local design elements, while retains basic framework of the original design. By reintroducing the basket to modern life we hope, the beauty of craftsmanship in ordinary objects can be appreciated. 

Old Schoolbag Reconstruction Workshop
As a traditional city, Tainan is always able to preserve the great value of old things, or evoke a new sensory experience from them which is adopted to modern living. Various reconstructions of old houses not only represent the harmonious intersection of old and new, but also reveal the simple and authentic values of modern civilization. This canvas  schoolbag, which every Taiwanese student has, is reinterpreted  by infusing new elements into it. In this way it makes the schoolbag even more meaningful after graduation - becoming a memorable collector's item. Just like the reconstruction of an old house in Tainan: an old spirit is given a new life!


Memories of the Kuilong Dragon
Grandmother's canopy bed is one of my most vivid childhood  memories. The“Kuilong”foot of the bed was an important feature. With some repair and reconstruction, it has become a useable item again, reminding us not to forget the history and memories of bygone days.


Farm Light
Early agricultural tools were indispensable to food production,We could have food on the table only because farmers were able to utilize these tools.
But in the modern  era, people do not possess these kinds of memories. Through the use of these simple tools, life is enriched and becomes  better. These table lamps remind us that while we are enjoying fine dining. farmers have been using these tools in plantations and trying to nourish us. 


Cube Case
Made from old Hinoki wood and taking advantage of its true texture and beauty, these chairs can be arranged into various appearances. The design concept of cubic chairs is derived from the traditional culture of Taiwan—especially the custom of arranging narrow spaces to appear larger.
Through freely mixing and matching chairs of different heights, users become designers themselves. With various display functions, our cubic chairs are not just fabulous furniture but also wonderful display frames.


Aged Windows, Vital Spirit
Tainan’s aged windows with iron grilles are very attractive. These aged windows conjure up images of old houses, in narrow lanes. Such scenes are beautiful. I have tried to make some objects that have a direct relationship with daily life, and put them on the aged window frame. By making the aged windows more apparent  in our daily life, I hope the scene of tranquility and beauty can be preserved.

設計師希望能主動減少垃圾掩埋的行為,對“Will Be”的設計堅持,手工精心製作、當地生產,從廣告帆布回收的材質使每個袋子成為獨一無二, 且對環境有益。
為了滿足人們旅程中要攜帶各式東西的需求,我們的袋子比大多數袋子的容量大,並著重可調整背帶達到單雙肩都舒適的設計訴求。 袋子的內層加上防水處理的棉帆布使其更堅固,而內部空間利用魔鬼氈的隔板提供隔間,水壺甚至電腦都可以安置。在袋子外面的兩側有一系列的小口袋,方便拿取隨身小物件。

Big Willy and Little Mombo
Our bags are hand crafted and produced locally. Made from recycled advertising material, each bag is unique, a one of a kind visual statement whose production is a proactive act, designed to reduce the amount of waste reaching landfills. Its waterproof, vinyl sheath is reinforced with a sturdy cotton canvas interior and makes for a great traveling bag. Inside, its roomy interior can be divided with Velcro into two compartments, providing a better organizational experience. Each bag has a built in water bottle holder, and a padded computer compartment fastened with straps to keep your computer snug and safe. On the outside is a series of small pockets that provide secure, easy access for everyday items, such as keys, cell phones, sunglasses or spare change, so no more rummaging around the bottom of a cluttered bag.  We designed our bags to be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Because, we believe that objects define cultures, and  the ways they are used define the cultural value system therein. 


Tainan Confucius Temple is famous as the first school in Taiwan, and many Taiwanese scholars have been cultivated under its bricks and tiles. This design was inspired by a traditional utensil called a “penmanship brick,” which represents our educational inheritance. We named it “Zhuan-xin”which creates a pun from the similar pronunciations of the words for “brick”and “concentrate”in Chinese. “Zhuan-xin” not only stands for the concentration of learning, but also means inheritance, and this name also responds to our theme─ heritage artifacts which are “practical”.
The “penmanship brick” can be used to practice hand-writing skills, and can be used as a coaster as well. After long-term use, abrasions will appear on the surface of the brick’s material. The longer we use it, the more quaint it will become. It is definitely an artifact which can be handed down from generation to generation.


New Life Opener
Tainan is famous for its vibrant culture of merry drinking and high spirits. In this city, drinking with others is not an activity reserved for celebrations or ceremonies, but rather something often done purely for enjoyment and respite. Every cheerful moment of drinking is worthy of being valued and preserved. This ‘New Life Opener’ is made of recycled beer bottles to retain cherished memories of friendly reunions. It creates more pleasant times by opening more beverages. ‘New Life Opener’ integrates the idea of reusing discarded materials into Taiwan's lively drinking culture.

「米量」表示米的數量、量米用的杯子、還有糧食的「糧」, 也體現台灣以米為主要糧食的文化特色。


Rice  Cup
This Rice Cup is for measuring and cooking rice. 
Try the taste of these different varieties of rice from local farmers in Tainan. 
It is easy to measure, rinse, and cook rice with the Rice Cup . Just add a half cup of rice into the Rice Cup, and then gently stir, rinse, and drain the rice two to three times. Fill up the other half cup with cold water, and then place it in a steamer for 15 minutes.  Eventually a bowl of cooked rice, which normally serves one person, will be done. 
I would like to give special thanks to the bamboo craftsman, Young-Wang Chang, and his assistant, Huei-Ting Tsai for offering their unique knowledge and technical support with the  bamboo; the local bamboo factory Mei Zhu for laser engraving services; and some local farmers in Tainan for different kinds of rice.


In Zen
Do you miss the days when we, sat by windows bathed in sunlight and enjoyed the moments of tranquility? Why not add some light, leisure and peace to your reading hours with our old iron window grill? The grill forms the shape of the character “X,” which means “happiness.” Let’s enjoy the pleasure of quietness, peace, and delight in every free hour of the afternoon.

Bike and Bite and More
Hopping on the bike once again
pedalling spontaneously
from boulevards to back alleys
from the old town to new buildings
discovering the best kept secrets
pampered by local flavours
Immersed in the city with a smile on the face

Puzzle Piggybank
"Saving is a virtue." I believe most people have owned piggybanks of all sizes, from small to large. It is a moment of great achievement and pleasure when one "slaughters" the piggy bank. Of course, it’s always a moment of suffering when one tries to hold back the impulse to dig the savings out. 
This "Puzzle Piggybank"  forms a 3D solid structure using  plates and tenon-mortise joints. The leak-free design with proper slits secures the coins, ensuring they don’t fall out. And due to its hollow structure, the owner can watch money in the piggybank growing day by day. Most importantly, the whole structure must be dismantled completely in order to take the coins out. A test of intelligence and endurance will be started again. The idea is to reduce the urge to "slaughter" the piggybank.



FuCheng Coming-of-age Rite Tea Jar
In Tainan (traditionally knownas FuCheng), children who have reached 16 years of age engage in a tea serving ceremony during Qixi to show respect and gratitude toward their parents. In this coming-of-age ritual, children serve parents a cup of tea to express their gratitude for their upbringing and guidance. They listen to their parents’ exhortations and expectations and celebrate the joy of moving into adulthood together.

To accompany this tea serving ceremony, we introduce the Coming-of-age rite tea jar. A small Qiniangma Pagoda shape handle on the inner lid is designed as symbol of peace and growth. This jar is full of cultural flavor, gratitude, and the meaning of growing responsibility. Let this Taiwan traditional craft design become an heirloom which praises the filial spirit of respect and gratitude. We hope this jar will be carefully used and treasured forever.


Bouffée Cup
Since ancient times, people have been writing characters on objects to pray for a wish. They might write, “Full" on a jar, “Spring” on a window, or“Happiness” on a door. It is a form of writing as well as a form of art. Throughout the centuries, it has been articulated in various styles.
This Bouffée Cake is not only a unique Tainan pastry, but also a nutritional supplement for women during the early postnatal period.
It has comforted and solaced every mother in Tainan. But along with modernization, it has gradually been ignored and forgotten gradually. 
The designer exploited the form of a Bouffée Cake, and transformed it into a cup. The character on the cup conveys the wishes and prayers of people – satisfaction, joy, and happiness.
Through, this design, the tradition has come to life again.


What “Virtual Architecture” on Haian Road Teaches Us
What “Virtual Architecture” on Haian Road teaches us is to strike the balance between our real needs and our fancy desires. Old wisdom has already taught us that happiness lies in contentment. However, in our dietary culture, we tend to waste excessive amount of food and over-prepare dishes in order to save face or proclaim our generous hospitality.
In this “Virtual Architecture,” the half bowl becomes complete with the other half reflected in the mirror. The reflection in the mirror seems to be like our fancy desires while in reality our actual needs are not as great as we thought.


The Load
When we go out to dine, we often sit on small stools with a low table.This type of seating is most frequently associated with Tainan Dan-tsu Noodles, and makes us think of the street-hawkers carrying portable kitchens on shoulder poles. This is part of our cultural memory. With this stool, we can use our bodies to feel Tainan, simple, comfortable and unreserved.  Tainan is truly a lovely place.


Peels (Plate)
This product design links a user's senses to their tactile memory, and generates symbiotic emotions between the user and the object. A single plate is thus designed using six kinds of peels, whose textures are combined. A user would come into contact with the product without feeling the real shape or color of any  fruit or vegetable.



Cage for Snacks
As a traditional city, Tainan is always able to preserve the great value of old things, or evoke a new sensory experience from them which is adopted to modern living. Various reconstructions of old houses not only represent the harmonious intersection of old and new, but also reveal the simple and authentic values of modern civilization. This canvas  schoolbag, which every Taiwanese student has, is reinterpreted  by infusing new elements into it. In this way it makes the schoolbag even more meaningful after graduation - becoming a memorable collector's item. Just like the reconstruction of an old house in Tainan: an old spirit is given a new life!



Tangram City Sculptures
We believe that if a product is to be called a treasure, it must be unique, and its design profound. 22™'s inspirations have always been from urban life and contemporary architecture. In this exhibition, we would like to focus on the diversity of a city and to see how different architectural arrangements can affect the atmosphere of a city.
We designed a set of mini concrete sculptures shaped like a skyscraper, an apartment, a house, a villa, a park, a warehouse and a factory respectively. Like a tangram puzzle, they can be arranged to create any city skyline you prefer.


Tree of Joy
Trees are a gift to us from nature, whether via the fruit, leaf, trunk, branch, root or sap. For hundreds of thousands of years, trees have been of great help to us, and have also become an indispensable part of our lives. In this project, we would like to 'reintroduce' trees to everyone's home, to be used as a versatile daily item and appreciated as amiable companions.


Negative Space
Window grills with simple geometrical patterns or complicated patterns are one of the characteristics of old houses in Tainan. 
I tried to convert window grills to negative space, and cavities to solid plates, incorporating the beauty of window grills into our lives.

「宀」 - 寶蓋燈
概念源於鐵線編織的簡易工作燈,因輕便,維修容易。除工地外,夜市攤販也常能見到它的蹤影,甚至因其完全型隨機能的風格,也被應用在一些工業風餐廳與咖啡廳。 「宀」保有工作燈之多工性,經簡化線條、改變材料與表面處理,並加上能站立的桌燈型態後,讓原本工業或商用的產品也能轉化為家用。

“宀”is the radical of  the character“家” (Home), and means “roof”.
The origin of the shape of the “Roof” can be traced back to an ancient Chinese character. The roof shape hints that an object could be hang or held in the hand. 
In addition, this project is also inspired by the traditional Taiwanese portable work light. While maintaining its multi-purpose function, a simplified structure and quality material finish, it has been modified to the different modes of use, such as in the living room or bedroom. 


Local traditional Taiwanese “bandoh” (outdoor banquet-style) dining is the culmination of another collection of food culture.

Selected traditional outdoor banquet table frame characterizes the modern design.

Use its foldable leg frame as a unit to assemble various tabletop or cabinets in sizes to develop functions of different uses.

As a witness of the old time that demonstrates the cultural flows and inheritance for the Past and the Future.


Wish Box
Lady Linshui Temple, which is located in Tainan City, is a sanctuary where women pray for pregnancy. and Lady Linshui is also a guardian angel for all children.
This product corresponds with the process of praying Lady Linshui Temple. The rosewood box can be used to  save flowers from the temple, and store gifts from parents to their future baby. 


Engraved Happiness
Inspired by the culture of wearing jewelry in Chinese weddings, designer Yu-Chiao Wang used the symbols of peace, fortune and happiness to create a set of silver earrings, called  "Engraved Happiness." These earrings symbolize the idea that good things keep happening during our lives.




Remember Where Grandpa Came From
He wrote stories about the Chinese civil war, and how he came to Taiwan.
He was very homesick, because he left home when he was very young. 
He hasn't returned home for more than sixty years.

Fought in many places in China;
finally, they fought in the jungle for a year, on Hainan Island.
A legion with only one hundred people left alive.
They all said, “Freedom or death!”
They broke out successfully, and sailed to Taiwan with nothing.

My ninety-nine-year-old grandfather made some chopsticks by hand.

I wanted to make a box to
put Grandpa's chopsticks in
to commemorate him.
The transparent lid that helps exhibit the chopsticks.
Our last name, and location of my grandfather's home are engraved on the bottom of the box.
Reminding our children,
not to forget who we are, and where our ancestors came from.
This box can also be used as a portable box for travel.


Key Ring for Connection
The design concept of this key ring came from an old song that describes a couple's sentiments when they first came to Tainan, as well as their complicated emotions when they develop a feeling of affinity together.  The keyring represents the complicated feelings when a man leaves and a woman waits for him at the place they first met. 


Peace Lion
Through periods of Dutch and Japanese occupation and Chinese influence brought by the migrants, the Sword-lion has  held a special place in Anping  people's hearts. This product transforms this spirit into a modern Sword-lion keyring holder with a sleek touch.  This unique carry-on keyring retains charm of the traditional sword-lion in a functional modern-day item.  




Sewing Box
"My mother has an old chocolate box and it has been used as a sewing box since long ago. Although the box is broken and is in pretty bad condition, my mother still keeps it. She does not want to replace it, because she is emotionally attached to it as it was handed down from my grandmother.

My grandmother used to work as a housekeeper for an American couple (I used to call them my American grandparents when I was very little) who used to live in Tainan a long time ago. My grandmother worked for them for more than 20 years, and became part of their family, so when my American grandparents were leaving Taiwan, they left many things for my grandmother, including this sewing box. 

Based on this story, I have created a tin (*1) box with a family-crest-like stamp (*2) engraved on top of it to commemorate my grandmother, my American grandparents and the memories they left us, and to express the lasting legacy of their relationships.

*1. The word “Cherish” in Chinese also means “Legacy” in Taiwanese. *2. The family-crest-like stamp is composed of a symbol of a bluebird and a magpie. They both mean happiness, prosperity, good health and the arrival of Spring."


Lunch Box
Back in the days when schools were still close to home, there would always be a line of mothers eagerly waiting to hand lunch boxes full of love to their children at the front door of the school. Kids were so excited and proud to open their lunch boxes. Now, being a mother, I understand that was a blessing to have those homemade lunches and it is true happiness to be able to prepare lunch for your loved ones.
This is how this lunch box came about. It can be loaded with lots of love. It can be used as a mat when fully opened. And just fold the corners to turn it back into a bag. It enriches the happiness of enjoying the food.

House Mirror

設計師希望「House Mirror」是一個美麗並帶來愉快的物件,透過我們熟悉的小屋子形狀帶給我們親切感,拋光後的它反映出它的周遭與周圍的人,默默記錄著動人的故事。

House Mirror
An object that is kept and treasured has meaning and significance to its owner.  
I can imagine this object, through beauty and craftsmanship, brings joy to its master.  It is probably often held  by its owner and an 'interaction' might have taken place between them.
The object is also a reflection of its owner, and the story of his or her surroundings, or a story written over time
This is a story written over time.

House Mirror is first and foremost a pleasant object that brings a sense of elation.  It is in the familiar shape of a 
house, polished to reflect the people around it. 

老街印象 (特別版)

Old Street Houses (Special Edition)
The “street houses” in the Hsinhua district of Tainan, combine Baroque style facade with traditional Taiwanese motifs. Every street house is like a fine handicraft item, and represents the good old times of Tainan.

“Old Street Houses” is a magazine file. Each file is like a single street house: long and narrow shaped, with skylines of different heights, and sophisticated façades. When three or four “Old Street Houses” are standing in line, they become a small street and bring the beautiful memory of Tainan back to your mind.  


Pious Prayer
We believe that when you walk into the temple, all you have to do is focus on the basics,pray humbly,and know that everything we need is in our own heart.

Dust jacket: Tainan Confucian Temple - The First Academy of Taiwan. Choose a good book and explore the wisdom of life.

Ring: Grand Matsu Temple - Bonded by a length of red string, it symbolizes a wonderful marriage.

Card case: Koxinga Temple - Temple of the King who settled the mountains in Taiwan.



De Tainan Stijl
During a visit to Tainan in 2011 various shop signs came into sight when I was walking on the street. Printed or written on the shop signs were all kinds of novel, interesting text types. A very special street scene was formed by the text types, skewed or upright, and words, ancient or newly invented. This kind of scene became my impression of Tainan.

After two years of contemplation, I put the separate street signs into a complete picture and made this canvas bag of “Traveling Tainan,”constructed by the skillful hands of the team of Guang Fu Hao, a craftsman of canvas bags. When examining the names of shops printed on the bag, do you discover any places you haven’t visited? If so, do remember to take a look at them when you go to Tainan next time!


Chongyang Tea Set
The uprising of the Ming loyalists was a war of idealism.
Looking at the the rusty white wall in Tainan city, 
thinking of General a Chen’s  past life in this place,
and imagining the scene in a history novel - soliders lifting up their feet tattooed and yelling during the insurrection against the Manchus,for an ideal country. 
Drinking tea and wine from home,
talking about this righteous rebellion.
I am Wei Xiaobao, and you are Chan Wing-wah( alias Near South) ~ THE END ~

Cuckoo Cookie

Cuckoo Cookie
A-mei's Cakes from Tainan are so delicious. They taste simple, pure and good. We want to make the moment of eating become more elegant. The concept combines the eating process with the design of a set of tableware.


FuCheng Qiniangma Pagoda - The Coming-of-age Rite Gift Box
In Tainan (traditionally known as FuCheng), Qiniangma Pagoda is an indispensable gift for the Qiniangma birthday. Celebrated on “Qixi - the seven day of the seventh lunar month - this is a ritual for People who have turned sixteen that year. Qiniangma Pagoda has become the totem representing the Qixi festival, a symbol of “peace and growth.”

In this manner, we introduce FuCheng Qiniangma Pagoda, the coming-of-age rite gift box. It can be used as a table decoration to hang accessories on. The layers of stacked round boxes below can store gifts received from elders or a variety of small objects. [ By embodying the Taiwanese traditional of passing on handicrafts through the generations, this gift box] conveys the high aspiration of parents for their children, and give blessings to the youth who are coming of age. We hope the gift box will be carefully used and treasured forever.